Quarter look

a side glance.

See also: Quarter

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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More deals but less money may lead to more benefits down the road as some of the firms that received smaller funding this quarter look to raise larger amounts of money as they grow.
The analyst notes that while the iPhone sales for December quarter look to be disappointing, he was encouraged by the performance of other products and services in the quarter, keeping his Buy rating on the shares.
"Investors, brokers, dealers and analysts are used to calling up a company and asking, 'How does the quarter look?' Now, companies are required to respond with statements like, 'Unfortunately, because of Regulation FD, I can't provide you with any direction."'
If opponents had not jumped on this plan, how different would our majestic Cultural Quarter look today?
Too many buildings around that quarter look shabby and dilapidated so well done to Dr Hussain for the improvements he is making.
For more information on properties and schemes at The Quarter look up www.
''The installation of the ceiling of light on Mathew Street is the first stage in making the Cavern Quarter look attractive to visitors and potential investors, as well as having a positive impact on its night-time economy.'' Funded by Liverpool Vision and City Central Business Improvement District, the 40-metre long "Lucy in the Sky ceiling of light" will take six days to complete.
"Although the emerging market equity fund flows during the past quarter look good compared to first-quarter ae09, they are well short of the $30 billion these funds took in during the fourth quarter of 2009," said EPFR Global senior analyst Cameron Brandt.
It added that forward bookings for the fourth quarter look encouraging.
Indeed, the prospects for the fourth quarter look even more worrying as the latest data and survey evidence relating to service sector activity, manufacturing, the consumer, unemployment, investment intentions and the housing market remain overwhelmingly bearish.
BS Signs say that over the past three months demand has increased substantially and prospects for the next quarter look promising too, given the current healthy state of order books
Any momentum seen in the third quarter looks to be sustainable through the fourth, as TJX expects to earn 74-77 cents per share, implying 9% year-over-year growth on the low end and 14% at the high end, she said.