Quarter point

(Naut.) See Quarter, n., 1 (n).
- Totten.

See also: Quarter

References in classic literature ?
Whether my fair relative's future intentions in this quarter point toward Mischief or Money, is more than I can yet say.
The demand on gold will continue throughout 2016 as the US Federal Reserve is expected to raise the profit rate from quarter point to half of full point, it said.
The European Central Bank has announced that it is reducing its interest rate by a quarter point to 0.
Summary: Australia's central bank cut interest rates by a quarter point to 4.
The Reserve Bank of India on Tuesday raised the repurchase rate, the policy rate at which it lends to domestic banks, by a quarter point to 5.
A quarter point hardly makes a difference and there is an argument to be had that it would have been more beneficial if these three cuts in five months had come all at once as a three-quarter point reduction.
The Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is widely expected to cut the cost of borrowing by a quarter point to 5% when it announces its decision tomorrow.
This month, the base rate was lowered by a quarter point to 5.
Mortgage lenders held back yesterday, waiting for each other to make the first move after the Bank of England raised its official interest rate by a quarter point to 5.
economy is slowing, the Federal Reserve Board would likely cut short-term interest rates by a quarter point in June, and by another quarter point in early August or mid-September, Thredgold said.
Finite element method is used to analyze the cracked body to provide the displacements data around the crack tip (at quarter point elements) due to load prescribed, for stress intensity factor determination.
The Fed halted its two year long series of 17 consecutive quarter point interest rates rises over the summer not only to let its policy firming actions trickle through the economy and take hold, but also because the Fed was fearful of further crimping economic growth, which had plummeted from its scorching pace in the first quarter of 2006.