Quarter turn

(Mach.) an arrangement in which a belt transmits motion between two shafts which are at right angles with each other.

See also: Quarter

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And for less-than-truckload (LTL) fleets, the second quarter turn over rate was down 1 percent to 9 percent, which stands as the lowest quarterly LTL driver turnover rate going back to the second quarter of 2013.
The market segmentation on the basis of product type includes self acting valves, quarter turn valves, control valves, multi turn vales, and actuators (pneumatic, hydraulic or electric).
For starters, you can deactivate the nocks for practicing purposes with a quarter turn of the nock collar.
Remove the bottom bar and unwind the spring a quarter turn at a time, leapfrogging the winding bars with each turn.
The line utilizes a quarter turn bayonet style coupling nut with a locking feature for standard SMP/SMPM interfaces.
Traditional quarter turn valves and pneumatic actuators are used--only air is needed to automate a valve.
Turn dough a quarter turn, with longest edge parallel to work surface.
Designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to install and operate, the new valves have a range of operating handle options including quarter turn lever, extended stem lever, 'T' handle and lockshield.
It is then locked down with a quarter turn, the company said, which eliminates concerns about positioning and sufficient thread engagement.
The clamp devices apply downward pressure on the pins via a quarter turn of the clamp's handle that actuates a spiral cam (ball and groove) design; this in turn applies downward pressure on the workpiece and secures it in position.
The 360 Twist has a contoured shape to fit in the hand and needs only a quarter turn of the lid for drinking.