quartermaster general

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Noun1.quartermaster general - a staff officer in charge of supplies for a whole army
staff officer - a commissioned officer assigned to a military commander's staff

Quartermaster General

nGeneralquartiermeister m
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The Supreme commander of the Imperial German Army, quartermaster-general Eric Ludendorff, was dismissed for refusing to co-operate in peace negotiations with the Allies.
Paul Jaques, chief of materiel (land) and quartermaster-general to the forces, focused his brief U.S.
Former Provo Quartermaster-General Michael McKevitt called for an end to the IRA's ceasefire as well as participation in the peace process at an executive meeting.
A reprint edition first published in 1918, this volume is an account by Ludendorff, who was a Quartermaster-General of the German Army during World War I.