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1. A smooth-surfaced wall with a curved base used for performing stunts in sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding.
2. A sports event in which a quarterpipe serves as the area of competition.
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X Games fans can expect a full weekend: more than 200 athletes competing for X Games medals and prize money in BMX, Moto X, Truck X, Skateboard, Rally and -- new this year -- Skateboard/BMX Big Air Doubles, Harley-Davidson Flat Track racing and Moto X QuarterPipe.
These disciplines include, but are not limited to freestyle, speed and style, step up, quarterpipe and parallel freestyle.
It was a disturbing crash in the XGames Big Air competition, in which he fell 47 feet from a 27-foot tall quarterpipe ramp.
The Swiss FMX star pulled a Backflip Superman Indy over the quarterpipe on his last run of the evening.
This is a snowboarder s paradise where even in summer freestyle snowboarders can enjoy the thrills of a halfpipe quarterpipe, various jumps and rails.
Tonnes of snow have been dumped on site to create the country's biggest ever curved arena - or quarterpipe - where daredevils are thrilling the crowds with flips, grabs and super-fast backslides.
The resort is also adding more than a dozen new freestyle features to its Terrain Park, reconfiguring jumps and transitions, adding a quarterpipe and a new feature area for those new to the sport of snowboarding.
In how's-the-air-up-there news, Danny Way recently broke the Guiness World Record for the highest skateboard air off a quarterpipe.
Open of Snowboarding two years later taking the top spot on the podium for quarterpipe.
In an event that he promoted and brought to the X Games, Way hit both legs on the coping of the quarterpipe ramp's top on the way down from 20 feet above the ramp.
In addition, Angel Fire's terrain park staff is re-configuring the jumps, overall flow and transitions within the resort's award-winning Liberation Freestyle park, adding new dirt features and a quarterpipe, as well as removing trees to expand the overall footprint of the park, and adding a small feature area for skill-building and practice.
And Jamal is the kid from Upstate New York who used to blitz that quarterpipe on the Crailtap site, right?