n.1.A negro of the West Indies.
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This one whisper to that one how he hear from a woman down Lagahoo way who is the offside sister of Nursie living in the Mayor ho use how Ione send Quashee away, how she spend every day and night weeping for Antonio, and she won't even self get out of bed and change out of she nightgown come morning.
And Sylvia the engineer tell she daughter husband that somebody else whisper to she how he see Quashee in the fight yard every day, practicing cut and jab with he machete.
One morning, "just as the mountain tops began to be tinged with gold," Quashee enters a mourning house furnished only with two basalt blocks; his guide is Pointer Francis, who tells him that the purpose of his ritual journey is "to discover yo' strong points an' yo' weak points" in order to "come out a different person.