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(Law) denoting or relating to powers and functions similar to those of a judge, such as those exercised by an arbitrator, administrative tribunal, etc


(ˌkweɪ zaɪ dʒuˈdɪʃ əl, ˌkweɪ saɪ-, ˌkwɑ si-, -zi-)

pertaining to or exercising powers or functions that resemble those of a court or a judge: a quasi-judicial agency.
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This court in Barad held that once the employee submits herself to the administrative review procedures provided by the [o]rdinance, the employee has been afforded a quasi-judicial hearing and is not entitled to a de novo hearing in [c]ircuit on the [c]laim.
The court held that the official was entitled to absolute immunity, also termed quasi-judicial immunity, for tasks that were performed within the scope of her duties.
He added the ultimate goal is to reduce the length of time children spend in the system by providing effective case management services to the judiciary and providing quasi-judicial relief for dependency judges.
The bill also gives the following privileges to taxpayers who will avail the amnesty - estate tax amnesty returns for 2016 and prior years will not be admissible as evidence in judicial, quasi-judicial, or administrative proceedings; books of accounts and other records of the taxpayers for the years covered by the amnesty will not be examined.
Court of Appeals, the judicial body which generally has the exclusive appellate jurisdiction over all final judgements, resolutions, orders or awards of quasi-judicial agencies, should take cognizance of cases from the HLURB in order to address the speedy resolution and disposition of HLURB cases," Batocabe said.
of Florence, Italy) present the results of a 2002 workshop bringing together representatives of various NGOs and specialists in public international law in order to address this question by focusing on the modalities of NGO cooperation with international government organizations and international courts and, separately, quasi-judicial bodies in the United Nations system and in the European Union.
1) In contrast, a rezoning to add up to 600 multi-family residential units in an 885-acre tract is considered a quasi-judicial decision that applies existing policy and is subject to a much less deferential judicial standard of review.
Speaking in Malacanang on Monday night, the President did not mince words as he let out his disgust over the hiring of 'hundreds' of consultants by officials of the quasi-judicial body tasked to regulate the power sector.
However, Venkatesh had defended her controversial report saying that she has the quasi-judicial power and can take suo motu action as per the NCW Act.

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