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n.1.(Mus.) A quartet; - applied chiefly to instrumental compositions.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"She is making the bed of the king of the debauchees." She is paying her four deniers* quatuor denarios ."
The festival is renowned for its blend of beautiful music and beautiful places, and highlights this year will include Austrian quartet Quatuor Mosaiques performing Beethoven's Razumovsky Quartets at Whitekirk, baritone Roderick Williams singing Schubert song cycles in new English translations at Dunbar, and a Scottish Opera Italian double bill -- a tragic romantic tale and a sophisticated comedy -- at St Mary's inHaddington.
D'abord, c'est au compositeur autrichien Schubert que le quatuor a cordes Hanson rendra hommage.
Barker, emeritus professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has finally written a book on a subject based in his hometown, even at his home institution: the Pro Arte Quartet, originally founded in Belgium in 1912 as Quatuor Pro Arte, has been in residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since May 1940.
Enter the all-black Excalibur Quatuor Carbon, the ultimate paradox between a 'heavyweight' movement and a 'featherlight' ultra-modern timepiece.
His chamber music partners have included the Takacs Quartet, Quatuor Sine Nomine and the Brentano Quartet.
This week's features Quatuor Arod (pictured), who will play Mozart and Mendelssohn quartets.
The second concert featuring works by Linda Catlin Smith is being given by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival regulars Quatuor Bozzini from - you've guessed it - Canada!
He covers land, love, and the real deal; the war in King Lear, King Lear as Shakespeare's "writing on the wall,"infra quatuor Maria," real Mary-Gold, and filtering the Shakespearean lake.