n.1.See Quaver.
v. i.1.To quaver.
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It was followed by his collaboration with Justin Bieber, Quave, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne, titled "I'm The One.
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A study reports that people in Manang, central mountain region of Nepal, collect food from 41 plant species in the forest, which are used as a sources of fruits, juice, vegetables and achar--local relish or pickle (Bhattarai, Chaudhary, Quave and Taylor 2009:16).
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ly/UXMiBL) this summer MCC alumnus David Quave made Brookshire's dream come true.
Lead researcher Dr Cassandra Quave said: "We've identified a family of compounds from this plant that have an interesting medicinal mechanism.
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Lauren Hamman Bain of Gluckstadt; Anne Davis of New Orleans, Louisiana; Laura Francis Peyton of Denver, Colorado; Mallory Quave Moss of Denver, Colorado; and Betsey Anne Bennett of Jackson all served as bridesmaids.
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Rick Quave, director of engineering at Kelly, says the company is poised to introduce two families of alternators, the ES-60 and the ES-100, each available as either 12- or 24-volt.
She used to live in Old Kilpatrick and I lived at Quave Burn Cottage, Selkirk.