Quebec group

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Que`bec´ group`

1.(Geol.) The middle of the three groups into which the rocks of the Canadian period have been divided in the American Lower Silurian system. See the Chart of Geology.
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The southern Quebec group comprised 15 smokers and 15 nonsmokers; the Nunavik group comprised 23 smokers and 12 nonsmokers (based on self-declared cigarette smoking during pregnancy).
There were fewer primiparous women in the Inuit group than in the southern Quebec group (p = 0.02).
Most PCB congeners were detected more frequently in plasma samples from the Nunavik group than in those from the southern Quebec group (Table 2).
A statistically significant correlation of placental EROD activity to PCB 153 plasma concentration was observed in the Nunavik group (Pearson's r = 0.38, p = 0.02), but not in the southern Quebec group (p = 0.69).
Smoking was not related to PCB 153 plasma concentration in the southern Quebec group.
However, oversampling of smokers in the southern Quebec group and of nonsmokers in the Nunavik group was performed to reach a balanced study design, thereby allowing us to test the effect of PCBs on CYP1A1 activity while controlling for the effect of tobacco smoking.
The only way to be certain that tumor cell survival won't be a problem is through larger patient numbers and long-term follow-up, which is the Quebec group's plan.
The fact that lower concentrations of 4-HO-HpCS were found in the southern Quebec group than in the Nunavik and Lower North Shore groups suggests that the likely source of exposure is the consumption of species from the marine food chain.
Sum HO-PCB ([SIGMA]HO-PCBs) concentrations were different among regions, with geometric mean concentrations of 553 (range 238-1,750), 286 (103-788), and 234 (147-464) pg/g wet weight plasma for the Lower North Shore, Nunavik, and the southern Quebec groups, respectively.
We found that PCP was the most abundant phenolic compound in all three regions, representing an average of 78%, 66%, and 82% of the concentration of the sum of all quantitated chlorinated phenolic compounds in the Nunavik, Lower North Shore, and southern Quebec groups, respectively.
The 1923 Imperial Conference was the perfect setting for King to continue his quest toward autonomy while providing common ground to bring the Progressive and Quebec groups together.
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