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or Que·be·cois  (kā′bĕ-kwä′)
Of or relating to Quebec and especially to its French-speaking inhabitants or their culture.
n. pl. Québécois or Quebecois
A native or inhabitant of Quebec, especially a French-speaking one.

[French, from Québec, Quebec.]
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(French kebekwa)
n, pl -cois (-kwa)
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of the province of Quebec, esp a French-speaking one
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or Que•bec•ois or Qué•bec•ois

(ˌkeɪ bɛˈkwɑ; Fr. keɪ bɛˈkwa)

n., pl. -béc•ois (-bɛˈkwɑ, -ˈkwɑz; Fr. -bɛˈkwa) adj. n.
1. a native or inhabitant of Quebec, esp. one whose native language is French.
2. of or pertaining to Quebec or its inhabitants.
[1870–75; < French; see Quebec, -ese]
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Noun1.Quebecois - a native or inhabitant of Quebec (especially one who speaks French)
Canadian - a native or inhabitant of Canada
Adj.1.Quebecois - of or relating to Quebec (especially to the French speaking inhabitants or their culture)
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Mais ce pays n'est pas un eldorado pour les artistes, puisque [beaucoup moins que]le milieu culturel quebecois est tres ferme, les chances pour y percer sont minimes.
Chilean-born Quebecois author Mauricio Segura brings forth an enchanting and lyrical novel of the tragic consequences losing a loved one may have--and the dangers of impulsively grasping at greatness.
It tells in particular of his stint working for Diane de Courcy, Minister of Immigration in Pauline Marois's short-lived Parti Quebecois government.
Pour certains, la diversification du tissu national quebecois est generatrice d'irritants, sinon porteuse d'ennuis.
The main objective of this inquiry is to examine issues of belonging to Quebec and Canada among Quebecois Muslim youth, taking into account their educational and religious backgrounds and their motivations to identify with and participate in their societies as full citizens.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Pierre Karl Peladeau on Monday resigned as leader of the Parti Quebecois in the Canadian province of Quebec, leaving the province's independence movement searching for a new head, according to Canadian TV.
In 2006, in a bid to defuse nationalist sentiment in Quebec, Harper introduced a motion to recognize the Quebecois as a nation.