Queen Charlotte Sound

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Noun1.Queen Charlotte Sound - an inlet of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia
British Columbia - a province in western Canada
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"Dave" he was called, and he ate and slept, or yawned between times, and took interest in nothing, not even when the Narwhal crossed Queen Charlotte Sound and rolled and pitched and bucked like a thing possessed.
Aside from a notorious incident in which Cook offers pieces of broiled human cheeks to a Maori visiting the Resolution, Lay's novel includes a lengthy retelling of the murder of ten crew of the Adventure near Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand, which is evidently based on an account by the ship's astronomer, William Bayly.
One specimen of Cherublemma emmelas was found at 1097 m in Kyuquot Canyon, west of Vancouver Island; 4 specimens of Bassozetus zenkevitchi were collected from depths of 1909 to 2125 m west of Vancouver and Graham islands; and a specimen of Cataetyx rubrirostris from 2000 m and a Porogadus prometas from 1967 m were taken in Queen Charlotte Sound, east of the Tuzo Wilson Seamounts.
The north-east coast of the island is home to Queen Charlotte Sound - a 1,500-mile coastline of bays, coves and inlets.
MADE IN A WEEK with minimal crew and budget, this short documentary follows surfers Reid and Arran Jackson into the swell off the coast of BC's Queen Charlotte Sound. Surrounded by the untouched Great Bear wilderness, they explore the gorgeous coastal environment's waves and cliffs.
The Grass Cove killings of 1773 in Queen Charlotte Sound and the Boyd massacre at the Bay of Islands in 1809 stand out as the major bloody incidents.
Day One of this eight-day voyage is spent cruising the Inside Passage, a channel several miles wide running from Vancouver to the stretch of Pacific called Queen Charlotte Sound.
Most family groups that originate from colonies in southeastern Haida Gwaii apparently are reared in Hecate Strait and northern Queen Charlotte Sound (Sealy and Campbell 1979; Duncan and Gaston 1990), but several groups have been observed at sea farther south off northern Vancouver Island at the south end of Queen Charlotte Sound (Sealy and Campbell 1979; Gaston 1992).
Hawkesworth (1773, II:403): 5 February 1770, Queen Charlotte Sound