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(Biography) 3rd century ad, queen of Palmyra (?267–272), who was captured by the Roman emperor Aurelian


(zəˈnoʊ bi ə)

(Septimia Bathzabbai) died after A.D. 272, queen of Palmyra in Syria A.D. 267–272.
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It featured a story about Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield's adventure when they were made to investigate on the abandoned Queen Zenobia cruise ship.
The 500-pound note features 3rd-century Queen Zenobia, who famously led a revolt against the Romans in 270.
Damascus, SANA-An imposing statute of Queen Zenobia, the 3-rd century queen of Palmyra, and her regal wagon arrived in the Umayyad Square in Damascus where it will stay for four days.
By the time Queen Zenobia (Zeinab, in Arabic) ascended the throne after her husband's death in 267, Palmyra was progressively becoming one of the most important and prosperous cultural centers in the ancient world.
In the 3rd century, its Queen Zenobia led a revolt against Rome that briefly succeeded in holding much of the Levant until it was crushed.
Among her other masks, the "actual" Queen Zenobia told her subjects that she was related to Cleopatra, a false claim.
Which dessert is named after the heroic 3rd century Queen Zenobia of Palmyra?
The action starts on The Queen Zenobia, a cruise ship infested with monsters.
Investigating the mysterious goings- on surrounding the ocean liner the Queen Zenobia, series heroine Jill Valentine takes centre stage in an adventure that finds a comfortable balance between scares and shootouts.
Many of the visual artworks and historical writings described present due captive queen Zenobia and her dignified surrender to the empire Her bodily rhetoric reveals a discourse of pain in which as sovereign and warrior sire musters her emotions.
He spoke about the ancient civilization of Palmyra in Syria and its Queen Zenobia
Revelations follows returning protagonist Jill Valentine as she embarks upon a journey of discovery on board the haunted house-like Queen Zenobia cruise ship, set between the events of Resident Evil games four and five.