Queen of England

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Noun1.Queen of England - the sovereign ruler of England
female monarch, queen regnant, queen - a female sovereign ruler
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There was a commotion at one side of the room, the arras parted, and Eleanor, Queen of England, staggered toward the throne, tears streaming down her pale cheeks.
As another instance of these bitter fruits of conquest, and perhaps the strongest that can be quoted, we may mention, that the Princess Matilda, though a daughter of the King of Scotland, and afterwards both Queen of England, niece to Edgar Atheling, and mother to the Empress of Germany, the daughter, the wife, and the mother of monarchs, was obliged, during her early residence for education in England, to assume the veil of a nun, as the only means of escaping the licentious pursuit of the Norman nobles.
Occasionally during the journey he conversed with the queen of England respecting the power of fascination which Madame possessed, and the mother, whom so many misfortunes and deceptions had taught experience, replied: "Henrietta was sure to be illustrious in one way or another, whether born in a palace or born in obscurity; for she is a woman of great imagination, capricious and self-willed.
It had been inextricably involved in his mind with an atmosphere of stuffy schoolrooms and general misery, for it had been his misfortune that his budding mind was constitutionally incapable of remembering who had been Queen of England at the time of the Spanish Armada--a fact that had caused a good deal of friction with a rather sharp-tempered governess.
Why," said Albert, "he was talked about for a week; then the coronation of the queen of England took place, followed by the theft of Mademoiselle Mars's diamonds; and so people talked of something else.
James II fled to France and Prince William of Orange and Princess Mary were declared King and Queen of England.
E Queen of England long ago without any legal or fabricated grounds, for the Royalty should remain Royal than the usurpers in the relam of humanity and decency in the human history: why not Brexit also.
Queen Catherine and Mary come to know that Queen of England has not passed away.
The Leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood's objection to the Queen of England being used as a cult figure is a warning from history from those who abused figure heads as "cult icons for other purposes".
I head-on addressed this issue with the Queen of England and Prince Philip when I said to them that they too had lost a loved one.
London, Mar 31 ( ANI ): The Queen of England has become a great grandmother again following the birth of Peter Phillips and wife Autumn's second child.
Their garments are in the wardrobes of heads of state and celebrities, such as the Queen of England and Canada, Francis Ford Coppola and Sara Jessica Parker.