Queen of England

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Noun1.Queen of England - the sovereign ruler of England
female monarch, queen regnant - a female sovereign ruler
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There was a commotion at one side of the room, the arras parted, and Eleanor, Queen of England, staggered toward the throne, tears streaming down her pale cheeks.
As another instance of these bitter fruits of conquest, and perhaps the strongest that can be quoted, we may mention, that the Princess Matilda, though a daughter of the King of Scotland, and afterwards both Queen of England, niece to Edgar Atheling, and mother to the Empress of Germany, the daughter, the wife, and the mother of monarchs, was obliged, during her early residence for education in England, to assume the veil of a nun, as the only means of escaping the licentious pursuit of the Norman nobles.
"Have you ever seen the queen of England?" inquired D'Artagnan.
She was the most celebrated baby of the Gardens, and lived in the palace all alone, with ever so many dolls, so people rang the bell, and up she got out of her bed, though it was past six o'clock, and she lighted a candle and opened the door in her nighty, and then they all cried with great rejoicings, "Hail, Queen of England!" What puzzled David most was how she knew where the matches were kept.
Too, she was queen of England. But, by far the most potent argument in her favor, she was a woman in distress--and a young and very beautiful one.
Occasionally during the journey he conversed with the queen of England respecting the power of fascination which Madame possessed, and the mother, whom so many misfortunes and deceptions had taught experience, replied: "Henrietta was sure to be illustrious in one way or another, whether born in a palace or born in obscurity; for she is a woman of great imagination, capricious and self-willed." De Wardes and Manicamp, in their self-assumed character of courtiers, had announced the princess's arrival.
It had been inextricably involved in his mind with an atmosphere of stuffy schoolrooms and general misery, for it had been his misfortune that his budding mind was constitutionally incapable of remembering who had been Queen of England at the time of the Spanish Armada--a fact that had caused a good deal of friction with a rather sharp-tempered governess.
"Why," said Albert, "he was talked about for a week; then the coronation of the queen of England took place, followed by the theft of Mademoiselle Mars's diamonds; and so people talked of something else."
"Will Camilla be the next queen of England? Her body language and PR branding at the Commonwealth Games would confirm unreservedly to me that she will without any doubt," James (https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/694268/Queen-Camilla-Parker-Bowles-Prince-Charles-Australia-Commonwealth-Games-Gold-Coast) told the outlet at the time.
1688: James II fled to France and Prince William of Orange and Princess Mary were declared King and Queen of England.
BEIRUT: Lea Baroudi, head of MARCH, an NGO that defends free expression and equal rights, has been awarded a British order of chivalry by the queen of England for her peace-building efforts in Lebanon.
Bradgate Park Trust's aim is to get Jane Grey recognised for the Queen of England that she was and acknowledge her as an important part of Tudor history A trust spokesperson said: "The highlight of the week is the Rose Petal service which takes place in the Bradgate house ruins on Sunday, July 15, this year we will be joined by historian writer Nicola Tallis, author of the Crown of Blood.