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 (kwēnz′bĕr′ē, -bə-rē), Eighth Marquis of Title of John Sholto Douglas. 1844-1900.
British aristocrat who publicly promoted the Marquis of Queensbury rules (1867) to govern boxing.
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(90) Lord Queensberry, The Spirit of the Matterhorn (London: 1881).
Bath The Queensberry Hotel Russel Street, Bath, Somerset WHERE THE HEART IS: Pure comfort in a genteel city dripping with charm and history, a mixture of Regency romance and English elegance.
1892: 'Gentleman' James (Jim) J Corbett beat John L Sullivan in 21 rounds in New Orleans and became the first world heavyweight boxing champion under Queensberry rules - with gloves and three-minute rounds.
Highways officials say introduction of a one-way restriction along Queensberry Avenue could help to address concerns voiced by residents.
The volume belonged to Douglas's father, the ninth Marquess of Queensberry, whose rage at his son's involvement with Wilde led to one of the most notorious criminal trials, resulting in Wilde's conviction on charges that he had committed acts of "gross indecency".
The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry recently opened the Sensory Garden and newly refurbished residential accommodation at The Royal Blind School, Edinburgh.
Not surprisingly, Bosie's mad but shrewd father, the Marquis of Queensberry, disapproved of his son's passionate and public relationship with Oscar Wilde.
It is alleged that Wilde's conviction was procured to prevent the Marquess of Queensberry, Wilde's nemesis, linking Rosebery and Wilde.
Despite the shifts in scale and density, the original informal relationship between the various elements was largely preserved and consolidated by a triangular concourse that unites the MSP block and the refurbished relic of Queensberry House with the office towers and debating chamber on the east side of the complex.
They proceed to debate the past with each other, reviewing the catastrophic affair with Wilde that allowed Bosie's father, the Marquess of Queensberry, to condemn Wilde to prison for "gross indecency."
The genius which Oscar Wilde claimed to put into his life most signally failed him that February day in 1895 when he picked up the card thrown down in challenge by his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas' scarlet screaming father, Lord Queensberry, and initiated the sequential trinity of trials which were to be followed, as surely as the night the day, by Reading Gaol and social eclipse.
Institute of Biology, 20 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DZ, United Kingdom.