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a.1.See Quaint.
imp. & p. 1.imp. & p. p. of Quench.
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Magnificke Virgin, in that queint disguise How couldst thou weene, through that disguized hood, To hide thy state from being vnderstood?
AP)--Former Wyoming standout Queint Higgins remains the basketball coach at Laramie County Community College despite domestic violence and battery charges involving his wife.
for atchieve (668), Didoes (2586), Emperours (2: 689, 2602), forrest (677), cursie (2578), chappes (2581), and knives (knife's, 2566), and in MND for tailour (425), forrest (458), dewlop (421), queint (474), Rheumaticke (480), Hyems (484), Tytania (434-5), and flouriets (flowerets, 1570).