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 (kĭ-moi′) In Pinyin Jin·men (jĭn′mĕn′)
A group of 2 islands and 12 islets off southeast China in Taiwan Strait. The islands are heavily fortified and have been administered, along with Matsu, by Taiwan since 1949.
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(Placename) an island in Formosa Strait, off the SE coast of China: administratively part of Taiwan. Pop (with associated islets): 80 000 (latest est). Area: 130 sq km (50 sq miles)
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an island off the SE coast of China, in the Taiwan Strait: administered by Taiwan. 61,305; 50 sq. mi. (130 sq. km).
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On the other side of the Taiwan Straits, the ChiCom's air defense was very busy Another ROCAF RF-101 reconnaissance aircraft planned to take photos over the coast between Quemoy and Swatow at about the same time.
The People's Liberation Army could realize a number of important advantages, should it invade Taiwan, by conducting the operation in three phases: seizing Quemoy (Kinmen) and other islands close to the mainland, capturing the Peng Hu Islands, and assaulting Taiwan's west coast.
For example, during the Quemoy and Matsu crises, the statements that Eisenhower authorized were purposely ambiguous.
Candidates rap bigotry, OK Berlin defense, but fight over Quemoy, Matsu.
However, in March, Taiwan's legislature passed a law opening the possibility of direct links between Taiwan's outlying islands of Kinmen (Quemoy), the Pescadores Islands and China.
Taiwan alleged Friday that cattle on the offshore island of Quemoy found to be infected with hoof-and-mouth disease were smuggled in from China.
In the fall of 1960, during another NSC discussion about nuclear weapons, limited war, and the Offshore Islands (Quemoy and Matsu) issue, Eisenhower reiterated that the war would have been expanded without an armistice agreement: The President referred to the idea that both sides might use air-to-air nuclear weapons in the Offshore Islands area.
Taiwan was even prepared to respond aggressively to a possible Chinese attack on two of its small outlying islands, Quemoy and Matsu, that the U.S.
In a letter, Taiwan's quasi-official Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) suggested that the nine hijackers, who have been released on parole, be sent back to the mainland by boat via the Taiwan-controlled offshore island of Quemoy on Tuesday, in time for the Lunar New Year in mid-February.
Douglas Foyle tests his theory of belief politics in four cases from the Eisenhower years where each case represents different high-stress decisions: Quemoy and Matsu ("crisis"), Dien Bien Phu ("reflexive"), Sputnik ("innovative"), and New Look ("deliberative").
TAIPEI, June 14 Kyodo Taiwan confirmed Monday that cattle on a second farm on the offshore island of Quemoy tested positive for the virus that causes hoof-and-mouth disease, fueling fears the virus might spread to Taiwan proper.
The offshore island of Quemoy saw the steepest price rise at 8.01 points.