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n.1.(O. Eng. Law) A complainant; a plaintiff.
1.An inquirer.
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La differenza fra le armi di Tristano e Dinadan come 'significanti' viene descritta in modo esplicito da Dinadan stesso: "Chil ki verront le mien escu, pour ce k'il est bien sans faille des escus de la maison le roi Artu, quideront sans faille tout maintenant que je soie Lanselos du Lac, com cil ki ne vont querant se Lanselot non.
By the fifteenth century, and especially (for my purposes here) in the Burgundian context, literary representations of chivalry had changed in nature: no longer do we have knights straightforwardly fulfilling roles of normalized and normative chivalric masculinity, performing worthy deeds to win the hands of ladies or going, as in the prose Tristan, 'aventures querant, et le sens du monde'.
Mult fu hardiz, molt fu curteis 45 He was quite brave, he was Cil qui fist nes premierement quite nice, Et en mer se mist aval vent, The man who made the first of Terre querant qu'il ne veeit, ships Et rivage qu'il ne saveit.