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 (kə-rĕt′ə-rō′, kĕ-rĕ′tä-rō′)
A city of central Mexico northwest of Mexico City. An ancient pre-Aztec settlement, it was conquered by the Spanish in 1531. Emperor Maximilian was executed nearby in 1867.


(Spanish keˈretaro)
1. (Placename) an inland state of central Mexico: economy based on agriculture and mining. Capital: Querétaro. Pop: 1 402 010 (2000). Area: 11 769 sq km (4544 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a city in central Mexico, capital of Querétaro state: scene of the signing (1848) of the treaty ending the US-Mexican War and of the execution of Emperor Maximilian (1867). Pop: 913 000 (2005 est)


(kəˈrɛt əˌroʊ, -ˈreɪ tə-)

1. a state in central Mexico. 1,250,476; 4432 sq. mi. (11,480 sq. km).
2. the capital of this state, in the SW part. 385,503.
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La Noria 115 Parque Industrial Querataro San Francisco de los Romo Santa Rosa Jauregui, Mexico C.
And, while the match with Arsenal won't matter nearly as much as a game back in Liga MX against Querataro next Saturday, he will surely be eager for a morale boost.
The Iberdrola San Juan Del Rio cogeneration facility will be located in Querataro, Estado de Mexico.
The game against West Germany in Querataro could have been seen as a dead rubber, with both sides assured of a place in the last 16.
This includes our sites in Wichita, QuerAtaro and MontrAal, as well as our facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Felipe Calderon, the president, said in a statement he had ordered federal authorities to help Querataro state's investigators in the search for Cevallos, calling him "a key politician in the Mexican transition to democracy".