Quercus arizonica

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Noun1.Quercus arizonica - semi-evergreen shrub or small tree of Arizona and New Mexico having acorns with hemispherical cups
white oak - any of numerous Old World and American oaks having 6 to 8 stamens in each floret, acorns that mature in one year and leaf veins that never extend beyond the margin of the leaf
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Simental-Mendia et al., "In vitro and in vivo assessment of anti-hyperglycemic and antioxidant effects of oak leaves (Quercus convallata and Quercus arizonica) infusions and fermented beverages," Food Research International, vol.
* Bosque de Encino (entre 900 y 1700 m elevacion) Las especies dominantes son: Quercus arizonica, Q.
En areas relativamente secas se presentan Quercus arizonica, Q.
Barientos, Quercus arizonica (Fagaceae), 1[male] (00172824), 3[female] (00172825-00172827) (AMNH).