Quercus prinus

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Noun1.Quercus prinus - medium to large deciduous tree of the eastern United StatesQuercus prinus - medium to large deciduous tree of the eastern United States; its durable wood is used as timber or split and woven into baskets or chair seats
chestnut oak - an oak having leaves resembling those of chestnut trees
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Relating land-use history and climate to the dendroecology of a 326-year-old Quercus prinus talus slope forest.
Other species of white oak include Quercus prinus or chestnut oak; Quercus lyrata, also known as overcup oak; and Quercus mich-auxii, also known as swamp chestnut oak.
In the tree stratum, dominant species were Quercus prinus, Pinus echinata, Pinus virginiana, Quercus velutina, and Oxydendrum arboreum.
332 123 122 pagodifolia 2003 Chestnut Quercus prinus 2003 272 99 98 Chinkapin Quercus muehlenbergii 2006 311 76 69 Chisos Quercus graciliformis 2005 56 34 43 Coast live Quercus agrifolia 1999 338 58 75 Darlington Quercus hemisphaerica 2002 231 98 108 Dunn Quercus dunnii 1995 95 39 36 Durand Quercus durandii var.
Dry ridge and dry slope ELTPs 10 and 20 of this LTA are dominated in some parts by Quercus alba (northwestern corner of PRN unit above the Monroe Lake) or Quercus prinus or both.
Plant growth and quality (phenolics, nitrogen) and avian predation intensity were altered through the addition of fertilizer to and the exclusion of birds from Quercus prinus and Q.
The Oak Forest subdivision of Griggs somewhat coincides with the OLS and is generally composed of a mixture of oaks that is often dominated by Quercus prinus, associated with Q.
For statistical purposes the less abundant tree species, indicated in Table 2, have been combined as "other trees," and Quercus prinus, Q.
Quercus alba and related species, including Quercus prinus, Quercus lyrata, and Quercus michauxii of the Family Fagaceae
He called the new species Quercus prinus, after the Latin and Greek for 'fine tree' and 'oak.