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 (kə-rĕt′ə-rō′, kĕ-rĕ′tä-rō′)
A city of central Mexico northwest of Mexico City. An ancient pre-Aztec settlement, it was conquered by the Spanish in 1531. Emperor Maximilian was executed nearby in 1867.


(Spanish keˈretaro)
1. (Placename) an inland state of central Mexico: economy based on agriculture and mining. Capital: Querétaro. Pop: 1 402 010 (2000). Area: 11 769 sq km (4544 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a city in central Mexico, capital of Querétaro state: scene of the signing (1848) of the treaty ending the US-Mexican War and of the execution of Emperor Maximilian (1867). Pop: 913 000 (2005 est)


(kəˈrɛt əˌroʊ, -ˈreɪ tə-)

1. a state in central Mexico. 1,250,476; 4432 sq. mi. (11,480 sq. km).
2. the capital of this state, in the SW part. 385,503.
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Mexico City: Fitch Ratings has assigned a Long-Term Local Currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of 'BBB' to the municipality of Corregidora, Queretaro, Mexico.
PPG announced the completion of its second COLORFUL COMMUNITIES project in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico, this time revitalizing the park, playground and traffic school on the grounds of the Headquarters of Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation in the La Floresta neighborhood.
8m in Canada over the past five years across three manufacturing sites and USD43m at its co-located facilities in Queretaro, Mexico, over the past five years.
JONESBORO--Arkansas State University officials say construction is on target to open its campus in Queretaro, Mexico, to students in the fall of 2017.
REMSA director Alvaro Nunez Solis said the Queretaro facility acquires materials primarily from the industrial center and north of the country, including Jalisco, Mexico state, Puebla, Queretaro, Mexico City, and Nuevo Leon.
2) Facultad de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, 76010, Queretaro, Mexico
Description of the food habits of Aspidoscelis gularis (Sauria: Teiidae), during the rainy seasons in Southeast Queretaro, Mexico.
We collected specimens of this species in three localities in the state of Guanajuato and one locality in Queretaro, Mexico.
OLYMPIC champion Jade Jones won the World Grand Prix final on Thursday night with a convincing victory over world number one Eva Calvo Gomez in Queretaro, Mexico.
Yucca queretaroensis fue descubierta y descrita en 1989 por Ignacio Pina, de una localidad en el municipio de Pinal de Amoles, Queretaro, Mexico, por lo que la considero una especie endemica del estado.
The 97-room property, located in Queretaro, Mexico, is set to open on Dec.
The Queretaro, Mexico, facility (Omni Manufacturing Services S.