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 (kā-nā′, kĕ-), François 1694-1774.
French physician and pioneer political economist who emphasized the primary economic importance of land and agriculture.


(French kɛnɛ)
(Biography) François (frɑ̃swa). 1694–1774, French political economist, encyclopedist, and physician. He propounded the theory championed by the physiocrats in his Tableau économique (1758)



François, 1694–1774, French economist and physician.
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The university also awards honorary degrees to Heather Du Quesnay, Director and Chief Executive of the National College for School Leadership, and Bryan Stoten, Chief Executive of Public Management Associates.
Contract notice: Rental, Installation, Commissioning And Maintenance Of A Printing System For Medical Imaging Devices Hospital Franois Quesnay, And Provision Of Associated Consumables
Motivator, who was switched from the Royal Studs in Sandringham to Haras du Quesnay in Normandy this year, has had his fee increased to [euro]15,000 from [euro]7,500 for 2014.
Heather Du Quesnay - Director and Chief Executive, National College for School Leadership - for her services to education.
Like her unbeaten sibling, Trophee was bred at the Head family's Haras du Quesnay and will be sent out for her first day at school by Criquette Head-Maarek, with Thierry Jarnet once again entrusted with the ride.
One of the most notable Frenchmen of his era, Dupont (1739-1817) was an adherent and proponent of the social, political, and economic theories of Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot and Francois Quesnay.
Contract notice: Mission statutory auditors for francois quesnay hospital.
Our debut on the Route ended at the picturesque Haras du Quesnay, the nerve centre of the Head family's breeding operation.
The submitted work included evaluations of Wassily Leontiev's input-output analysis with special reference to its historical roots in Francois Quesnay's Tableau economique and Karl Marx's reproduction schema, the 1930s capital controversies and their roots in the 1880s and 1890s, institutionalist critics of the literature commencing with an overview of Thorstein Veblen's work and continuing with the Kiel school, as well as precursors of Harrod-Domar growth models likewise going back to Quesnay and Marx.
DERBY hero Motivator, sire of recent Prix de l'Opera winner Ridasiyna, will relocate from the Royal Studs to Haras du Quesnay in Normandy next season.
It starts with a discussion of political-economic reform in Sparta (by Christos Baloglou), looks at economic theory and political philosophy in Enlightenment France (by Jean Cartelier, who examined this only with reference to Quesnay and Rousseau); Italian economic theory and policy in 1750-1850 (by Herbert Pruns); and a comparison of the liberalism of Henry Carey with that of Francesco Ferrara (Daniela Parisi) and, by far the best essay in the book in my view, the fate of the Austrian Zeitschrift fur Nationalokonomie as the end of an era (Kurt Rothschild).
However, there are no references to original sources apart from one to Meek's 1963 selected Quesnay translations in his The Economics of Physiocracy.