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Noun1.question of law - a disputed legal contention that is generally left for a judge to decidequestion of law - a disputed legal contention that is generally left for a judge to decide
question, head - the subject matter at issue; "the question of disease merits serious discussion"; "under the head of minor Roman poets"
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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Ladies are not generally in the habit of troubling their heads about dry questions of law," he said.
Only the detailed judgment would enable government to adequately formulate the questions of law for challenging the decision, he added.
He said as reasons of the short order are still awaited and only the detailed judgment would enable applicant to adequately formulate the questions of law for the determination by the Supreme Court.
1 KPC questions of law, resulting in recognizing the complaint of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office of the District Court in Warsaw, Court of Competition and Consumer Protection, repealing the order of the President of ERO of 28.
A three-day hearing before three judges of the Employment Court will be held in Auckland on June 24-26 to answer a number of preliminary questions of law.
Kasuri said reasonable time is required for the case, as very significant questions of law are involved, and a huge number of files have to be gone through.
Part of a series examining issues surrounding disabilities in modern society, this volume explores questions of law, ethics, and policy surrounding disability rights and governmental regulations and programs.
33) In other words, as I have argued elsewhere, (34) the standard of review on questions of law is correctness (or a lack of errors), (35) and on questions of fact is reasonableness (or an assessment that the findings of fact cannot be unreasonable).
Written by Thomas Seifried, a specialist intellectual property attorney, Marketing - how to do it legally correct - (considering German and European law) implies questions of law referring to keyword-advertising and the search engine optimization.
Baryktabasov should arrive in Kyrgyzstan, answer questions of law enforcement agencies regarding the criminal investigation launched against him and to put a dot in this case.
Under the new act, the Labour Court will become a division of the High Court, with an expanded jurisdiction to hear appeals from arbitration tribunals on questions of law.
The judgement states "administrative bodies empowered to decide questions of law may presumptively go beyond the bounds of their enabling statute and decide issues of common law or statutory interpretation that arise in the course of a case properly before them, subject to judicial review on the appropriate standard.