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n.1.(Zool.) The common guillemot.
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8's closing session on climate change and social justice features global leaders bridging the gap between climate change and health equity--a fitting segue as attendees leave Atlanta looking forward to the 2018 meeting, themed "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Health Equity Now." Speakers at the closing session include Chieftess Queen Quet, of the Gullah/ Geechee Nation, who is an artist, activist and founder of the Gullah/Geechee Saving Environmental Actions & Marine Environment program, and Kimberly Wasserman-Nieto, director of the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, who was instrumental in leading the passage of the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance that resulted in the closing of the Crawford and Fisk coal-fired power plants.
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To eliminate these forces, the Society organises working sessions, which are not open to the public or ordinary followers, when the 19 'heavenly mediums', as possessed by relevant heavenly mandarins, will expel great numbers of evil spirits (fray quet giac ta).
Si bien hay antecedentes de estudios sobre las controversias publicas ligadas el desarrollo de las nanociencias y nanotecnologias en Francia (Vinck y otros, 2007; Laurent, 2007; Joly y Kaufman, 2008; Quet, 2012; Spivak L'Hoste y Hubert, 2013; Chateauraynaud, 2014); hay una voz aun no considerada en su estudio: la de los investigadores en nanociencias.
Army base, Xeo Quet is now one of the last natural forests left in Vietnam and this beautiful park provides a real glimpse of what life was like for those living in this jungle wilderness.
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