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(kɛˌsɑl təˈnɑŋ goʊ)

a city in SW Guatemala. 65,733.
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My name is Juan Pacheco Orellana, and in those days I lived in Xelaju--I imagine you know it as Quezaltenango.
Reeves (history, Fitchburg State College) investigates how national- level policies introduced by the Liberal and Conservative ladinos in control of the state of Guatemala were experienced by and reacted to by the largely Mayan subaltern population in the Mam region of the department of Quezaltenango during the 19th century.
She taught at the Inter-American School in Quezaltenango, Guatemala, from 1976 to 1979.
Maya carboneros from Cajole, Guatemala, harvest pine and hardwoods, burn the wood to make charcoal and then carry it in 36kg loads to the Quezaltenango market, 16km distant (Hehr 1967: 62).
said March 3 it is joining Habitat for Humanity International in Quezaltenango, Guatemala, to raise walls and hopes with a family in need.
On Wednesday, they blocked roads outside Quezaltenango, the country's second biggest city and the Pan-American Highway, said Rocael Delio, a HELPS staff member who has been closely following the situation.