Quezon y Molina

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Quezon y Mo·li·na

 (ē mə-lē′nə, mō-lē′nä), Manuel Luis 1878-1944.
Philippine politician. The first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines (1935-1944), he was forced to flee his country after the Japanese conquest of the Philippine Islands (1941) but continued to lead the government in exile.

Quezon y Molina

(ˈkeɪzɒn iː mɒˈliːnə; Spanish keˈθɔn i moˈlina)
(Biography) Manuel Luis (maˈnwɛl lwis). 1878–1944, Philippine statesman: first president of the Philippines (from 1935) and head of the government in exile after the Japanese conquest of the islands in World War II

Que•zon y Mo•li•na

(ˈkeɪ zɒn i moʊˈli nə, -soʊn)
Manuel Luis, 1878–1944, 1st president of the Philippine Commonwealth 1933–44.