cui bono

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cui bo·no

 (kwē′ bō′nō)
Utility, advantage, or self-interest considered as the determinant of value or motivation.

[From Latin cui bonō (est), for whom (it is) of advantage : cui, dative of quī, who + bonō, dative of bonum, advantage.]
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cui bono

(kwiː ˈbəʊnəʊ)
for whose benefit? for what purpose?
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cui bo•no

(kʊɪ ˈboʊ noʊ; Eng. ˈkwi ˈboʊ noʊ, ˈkaɪ-)
for whose benefit?
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cui bono

A Latin phrase meaning for whose good.
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There is a Latin term in judicial parlance Qui Bono or Cui Bono, which literally means 'as a benefit to whom'.
Curragh conjuror Brendan Duke's Qui Bono (4.15) has always had the size and scope to be a chaser and could be interesting on his first outing in this sphere.
Unfortunately, the Dubliner wasn't having A Beautiful Day when his wager on Joseph Duke's Qui Bono in the 3.25pm race failed to clinch the No1 spot.
One might also ask "qui bono?" raising questions about billionaire Pickens' major investments in natural gas and "wind farms".
Sounds far-fetched, I know, but ask yourself the venerable question, Qui bono? Who stands to gain from this war?