Quick match

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threads of cotton or cotton wick soaked in a solution of gunpowder mixed with gum arabic and boiling water and afterwards strewed over with mealed powder. It burns at the rate of one yard in thirteen seconds, and is used as priming for heavy mortars, fireworks, etc.
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Sitting in her team's break room, Chloe recounted the quick match alongside her teammate, Vera, and father, Dave Carlson.
Splatoon 2 proves that you don't need a gritty future sci-fi or a grim historical setting to produce a shooter that gets you itching to pick up your controller whenever you have three minutes free for another quick match.
And Tim even had time for a quick match with up-andcoming junior tennis player Logan Urquhart, 13, from Nairn, who was being put through his paces by Bunabhainneadar coach Mike Martin.
Kerber's 6-4 6-4 victory over the five-time champion came in an hour and 13 minutes, but if that was a quick match it paled against the 49 minutes that Serena needed to sail past Elena Vesnina 6-2 6-0.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Quick Match Strand Machine
ANDY Murray got the quick match he craved as he eased past Ivo Karlovic and into the fourth round of the French Open.
I think obviously if you play a quick match on the Friday, it doesn't really make a huge difference," Murray said.
Anyone, any team, will be able to set up a quick match at any time.
But I had a quick match on Friday and it's more of the emotional toll for me in a match like that.
The Quick Play mode lets you play either a quick match or practice match where you can choose batting or bowling.
In the quick match you are always up against someone at par with your skill levels acquired during the game.
Other than the tournament the player can also engage in a friendly quick match by selecting both the participating teams