Quick water

quicksilver water.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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At the end of upright spear-shafts the long tufts of dyed horse-hair waved crimson and filmy in the gust of wind; and beyond the blaze of hedges the brook of limpid quick water ran invisible and loud under the drooping grass of the bank, with a great murmur, passionate and gentle.
Quick water flow was to blame for the scrapping of this year's Shrewsbury Masters Severn Mile swimming race for the first time in its history.
Quick Water, Latifabad, Hyderabad, Noble and Afra Brands of M/s.
After being put through their paces by MAIN EitC Disability Coaches John and Matty, the enthusiastic group of youngsters took a quick water break before being surprised by captain Phil Jagielka, Seamus Coleman and Aaron Lennon who all stuck on training bibs and joined George and his team-mates for a game of football before getting lots of photographs and autographs.
When things got particularly rough last year, Weber decided to convert the guest bedroom in her two-bedroom apartment into Chauncey's room, to"give him the space to heal." Along with an en-suite bathroom " good for quick water refills and easy cleanup " the dog's bedroom has a set of customised pet stairs, a plush floor-pillow lounge and a six-foot-tall headboard that Weber upholstered in a fabric she designed herself.
When a lesson is followed by a meal break, handwashing is sometimes limited to a quick water rinse under a tap.
Turtle Mountain LLC, 1040 Shelley St Ste A; quick water install 1.75MBTU on-demand water heater); $16,000.
With quick water exchanges throughout the day Mark was on for 40 miles in record time.
And the quick water, too, - we take them on some whitewater," Mr.
Last year, dolphin came through early and fast because of a quick water temperature change in the Caribbean.