Quill driver

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"One would have thought quill drivers enough had sprung up," remarked the old prince.
"400 Things Cops Know" (Quill Driver Books, 2014) instructs not only on gunfights and blood and guts that splatter on the lawman's face, arms, and shooting hand.
Fresno, CA, November 28, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Police work is perhaps the most controversial profession in America, which is why the American public needs to better understand how police officers work and think, says San Francisco police sergeant Adam Plantinga in his new book "Police Craft: What Cops Know About Crime, Community and Violence" (Quill Driver Books, publication date December 1, 2018, paperback, $16.95).
Publisher: Quill Driver Books, an imprint of Linden Publishing
Wing; PASSION PROJECTS FOR SMART PEOPLE; Quill Driver Books (Nonfiction: Business & Economics) 14.95 ISBN: 9781610353069
PUBLISHER: Quill Driver Books/Linden, 2012, 179 pp plus appendix and index
Published by Quill Driver Books, the book perched at No.
This great but neglected scientist receives his first full biography in many years in the new book "Charles Proteus Steinmetz: The Electrical Wizard of Schenectady" (Quill Driver Books, October 1, 2018) by Robert W.
White Quill Driver Books 9781610353175, $14.95, www.quilldriverbooks.com
Grimaldi and Joanne Seminara; 5@55; Quill Driver Books (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 12.95 ISBN: 9781610352581
Publisher Mettee, founder of Quill Driver Books, offers an insider's perspective on the nonfiction book proposal.
In only 140 pages, Stephen Blake Mettee (founder of Quill Driver Books and editor for 150 books and innumerable articles including a chapter in the 2004 Writer's Market) draws upon his many years of experience and expertise to methodically lay out a complete course of instruction that will enable any aspiring author to prepare an effective and successful nonfiction book proposal to a prospective publisher in "The Fast-Track Course On How To Write A Nonfiction Book Proposal".