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1. A celebration of the fifteenth birthday of a Hispanic or Latina girl, typically including a Roman Catholic Mass and often serving as a social debut.
2. The girl whose birthday is celebrated at a quinceañera.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, feminine of quinceañero, fifteen years old : quince, fifteen (from Latin quīndecim; see penkwe in Indo-European roots) + año, year (from Latin annus; see at- in Indo-European roots) + -ero, adj. suff. (from Latin -ārius).]
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15: A Quinceanera Story," premiering Tuesday, includes four episodes to be aired during consecutive nights.
I once dated a girl, Viviana Rodriguez, who made me wait until her quinceanera to even kiss her on the cheek.
com)-- Casa Cupula, Puerto Vallarta's legendary boutique resort hotel, is set to celebrate its 15th birthday with a three-month celebration of the property's history, present and future, culminating in a grand Mexican-style quinceanera celebration.
This article discusses the coming-of-age event known as a quinceanera as symbolic-product marketed by cultural entrepreneurs.
It's a little easier for little girls' dreams of the perfect Quinceanera celebration to be a reality thanks to Grow Financial Federal Credit Union.
Ask any young Latino girl about her upcoming quinceanera and chances are she will immediately start telling you the details of the most anticipated event in her life.
This celebration was, in fact, not a wedding but the quinceanera (meaning 15 years) of Reina Meza from Venezuela.
For students, specialists, and lay readers, Stavans (Latin American and Latino culture, Amherst College) brings together nine essays that examine the quinceanera celebration's social importance in the Latino community, especially in the US.
Though the quinceanera itself is an elaborate public show, as Ana and her niece, Bianca, plan every detail of the important day, the event becomes a net in which each character hopes to snare the object of her or his private longing.
Despues de varias cubas, me vi en medio de los amigos y de la propia quinceanera en la mesa principal.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - When Lisbeth Prado dons a hooped gown for her quinceanera next summer, she will "come out" as more than a mature young woman of 15.
Houston -- Aunque algunas de las tradiciones de la quinceanera aun estan vigentes, la era que vivimos nos han obligado a realizar algunos cambios.