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1. A celebration of the fifteenth birthday of a Hispanic or Latina girl, typically including a Roman Catholic Mass and often serving as a social debut.
2. The girl whose birthday is celebrated at a quinceañera.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, feminine of quinceañero, fifteen years old : quince, fifteen (from Latin quīndecim; see penkwe in Indo-European roots) + año, year (from Latin annus; see at- in Indo-European roots) + -ero, adj. suff. (from Latin -ārius).]
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Within a myriad of developing transactional relationships mediated by changes in business and technology economic organization creates a new system from which the coherence and efficacy of quinceanera ritual practice is judged.
Valentina Napolitano's ethnography of a low-income and working-class urban neighbourhood in Guadalajara, Mexico, offers a rich discussion of many issues which affect "ordinary," everyday life: the formation of individual, family, and group identities in relation to the processes of neighbourhood formation and migration; the development of a multilayered sense of belonging in relation to migration and involvement in church-based social activism; diverse medical practices; multiple interpretations of the symbolism associated with the quinceanera ritual that celebrates the girl's fifteen birthday; and plural female experiences of defining and negotiating gender identity.
To capture the temporal and spatial variations in people's emotional and cognitive perceptions of experiences, memory and history in relation to migration and urbanization, Napolitano introduces the concept of "prisms of belonging." Viewed through different "prisms of belonging," the same experiences--be they migration, participation in grassroots religious movements, interpretation of the quinceanera ritual, or negotiations of gender roles--acquire different meanings.