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1. (kwĭn′sē) A city of western Illinois on a bluff above the Mississippi River.
2. (kwĭn′zē) A city of eastern Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. John and John Quincy Adams were born here.
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(ˈkwɪn zi, -si)

1. Josiah, 1744–75, American patriot and writer.
2. a city in E Massachusetts, near Boston. 82,640.
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Noun1.Quincy - American patriot who presented the colonists' grievances to the English king (1744-1775)Quincy - American patriot who presented the colonists' grievances to the English king (1744-1775)
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From Troy the Ashmores moved in 1871 or 1872 to Richmond, Indiana, and a year or two later to the vicinity of Quincy, Illinois, where Mr.
The book likewise contained portraits of James Otis and Josiah Quincy. Both of them, Grandfather observed, were men of wonderful talents and true patriotism.
I am content," last words of John Quincy Adams, uttered February 21, 1848.
The castle and town of Ashby, at this time, belonged to Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, who, during the period of our history, was absent in the Holy Land.
"Old Josiah Quincy was mayor of the city, and he sent aunt word that the Marquis Lafayette wished to pay his respects to her.
'Hurrah for Lafayette and Mayor Quincy! Hurrah for Madam Hancock and the pretty girls!
And the men who read the despatches off to the audience were old campaigners, who had been to the places and helped to make the vote, and could make appropriate comments: Quincy, Illinois, from 189 to 831--that was where the mayor had arrested a Socialist speaker!
Governor Wolcott had made his short, memorable speech, saying, "Fort Wagner marked an epoch in the history of a race, and called it into manhood." Mayor Quincy had received the monument for the city of Boston.
The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) and digital broadcast partner the NFHS Network are proud to announce a new partnership with Quincy Media, Inc.
Joseph Hellon, the head of Finger of God church, which is now Kingdom Embassy International, says Quincy Timberlake admitted to him that he was using witchcraft.
Quincy the koala died in December, just months after becoming the first of his kind to be fitted with cutting-edge diabetes technology.