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n.1.See Cuish.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It's a conversation that should be had, particularly because it seems to matter to a lot of people, which is to say that men who are hos- tile to the idea of equality should relin- quish the notion that cooking should be gender based.
The change to the three-man defence yielded three points at Stoke, though the Reds did relinwe quish their lead against Bournemouth at Anfield three days earlier.
My surname is Quish, pronounced as it looks - Qu, as in Queen, and ish.
The suicide factor is "one of the major myths around self-harm", notes counsellor and psychotherapist Liz Quish. "Often, the self-harming is actually the tool that gets them through," she adds.
'I HAD NO IDEA' QUISH recently wrote a book - Overcoming Self-harm And Suicidal Thoughts: A Practical Guide For The Adolescent Years - after noticing a lot of the parents she met felt utterly lost about dealing with their child's self-harm.
Quish Tapa in central Saripol that have 5,000 families would have access to electricity soon after electric pylons are installed linking Saripol and Turkmenistan, Javid said.
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Rob Quish is chief operating officer, JWT North America and chief executive officer of JWT INSIDE, the digitally led branding and communications agency that specializes in employment relationship marketing.
Sheleen Quish, the company chief information officer, said, 'We carefully scrutinized every major system available, with the goal of finding the system that best suited our extensive marketing goals.
13 December 2007: Ashley Coombs, Amanda Della Volpe, Michael DiCandia, RJ DiDomenico, Rachel Quish, Kara Rynecki, Samantha Wrenn.
Nobody should be surprised that a vastly superior American fighting force will vane quish a vastly inferior Iraqi army.