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 (kĭ-vîr′ə, kē-vē′rä)
A legendary city of fabulous wealth sought by Francisco de Coronado and thought to be located near what is now the city of Great Bend in central Kansas.
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The series winners of the Bahrain tournament will have an opportunity to go forward and compete in the World finals of the Audi quattro Cup, which this year will be held at the prestigious Quivira Golf Club in Cabo San Luca, Mexico, during 2018.
Announced as winners of the regional heat, Ali & Sons Audi customers, Ertan Yorganci and Markus Brake will fly to the Quivira golf club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to compete in the World Final of the Audi quattro Cup this December.
Domestic brands represented Bouchaine, Dry Creek, Merryvale, Wine by Joe, Quivira
The pair will both now have the opportunity to travel to Quivira Golf Club in Cabo San Luca, Mexico, in December to represent Bahrain at the World Finals of the prestigious series.
WINE PAIRING Quivira 2015 Sauvignon Blanc (Sonoma County; $17)
He is board-certified in internal medicine and has been with Quivira Internal Medicine and on the medical staff at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, where he has served as medical director of cardiac rehab and facility lead.
Notes: a pre proposal conference has been scheduled for interested bidders to be held on monday, october 17, 3:30pm to 4:45pm onsite at jayhawk central, 12520 quivira, overland park, ks.
and the Nerman sits near the intersection of College and Quivira Road.
Contact: Jim Folsom 447 Navajo West, Lake Quivira, KS 66217 913-268-6104 folsom447@att.
Courtney White, founder of the nonprofit Quivira Coalition, writes about agrivoltaics in his 2015 book, Two Percent Solutions for the Planet.
Ashlyn Larkin and her twin brother Rhys return to their New York apartment to discover their mother, a former member of the Quivira cult, missing.
In 1997, Courtney White, former archaeologist and Sierra Club activist, co-founded Quivira.