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See Qom.
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(Placename) a variant of Qom
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or Qum


a city in NW Iran, SW of Teheran. 780,453.
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Noun1.Qum - a city in northwestern Iran; a place of pilgrimage for Shiite Muslims
Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Persia - a theocratic Islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia; Iran was the core of the ancient empire that was known as Persia until 1935; rich in oil
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(68) In the fall of 1889 and the winter of 1890, the epidemics devastated border towns such as Khanaqayn, and then made inroads into key population centers inside Iran, including Kirmanshahan, Nahavand, Tuysirkan, Hamadan, Malayir, Qum, and Bebekam.
Byline: Qum Qum Noshad, Yusuf Zafar, Mahmood Ali Khan, Neelam Rashid, Nafeesa Zahid, Tanveer Bashir, Zahid Ali and Saadia Naseem
Gaz from Isfahan, sohan from Qum and baklava from Yazd are some examples of popular traditional sugar confectionery from different regions of Iran.
Tafsiralmizan, Ibn abiJomhor Ehsni, Avali Alleali, Qum, Seyed Alshohada, 1403.
Akhlaq dar Quran., Computer research center of Islamic sciences: Qum.
Premier Ibadi left Teheran today heading for religious Iranian Qum city, and then to end his visit that lasted one day, the statement added.
Anwar Ahmad Bugvi had visited Iran as a tourist, being a keen observer he has compiled lot of information about the history of Iran, its major cities, various holy places like QUM and Mashhad, Shea Maslak in detail and the book makes an interesting reading and provides in depth information about Iran, its culture, society and day to day life in this neighboring country.
Strike at the head and heart of Shi'ism, Tehran and Qum so as to stem the destruction they spread amongst Ahlus Sunnah worldwide (like in Syria and Iraq).
The US-Iran deal is a landmark development, with a six months life only, to be confirmed beyond this time-line, along the Iranian red-line of retaining the heavy water reactor at Arak, the enrichment facility near Qum and their need for 20% enriched uranium for medical isotopes.
Vietnam's ambassador to the U.S., Nguyen Qum Cuong, joined Madam Phan ill My Hanh, the company's board chair and general director, and Gov.
They want to kill the democracy by establishing the Faqih rule and by becoming totally annexed to the Ayatollahs in Qum. Al-Wifaq's head, Ayatollah Ali Salman, studied in Qum and so did his Guide, Issa Qassem.
Political observers say the religious-based uprising, cloaked in the name democracy, has direct links with Iranian regime in Qum.