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A trademark for a prefabricated portable hut having a semicircular roof of corrugated metal that curves down to form walls.

Quonset (hut)®

n (US) → Nissenhütte f
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After the occupation ended, Quonset huts and other military structures popped up when elements of the U.
Several Quonset huts around Melchor Hall served as the mess hall, the station hospital, and housing for other units of the Academy.
Caption: Storage sheds and Quonset huts behind small industrial properties are sometimes converted to substandard housing by owners in search of cash flows.
Look one way and you will see rusted quonset huts, with the rickety PLC building looming in the background.
Eventually two Quonset huts donated by the US Army, buildings Pyle would have been familiar with during the war, were added to the property for the storage and display of memorabilia and for re-creations of wartime scenes to aid visitors in learning about Pyle's life.
After last year's quake in East Azerbaijan province, the government said it was concentrating on deploying Quonset huts so as to get the survivors out of tents before winter set in.
Marine Corps boot camp is just as tough as they say, and, on Christmas morning 1969, this private was less than thrilled to be summoned to the drill instructor's office--a Quonset hut alongside the other four Quonset huts that housed Platoon 1224.
In those early days, the facilities went by many names--guest houses, Quonset huts, and the Navy Exchange Motel.
he asks when the platoon returns from the Grinder to the quonset huts, Platoon 146 territory.
Duty prior to World War II included NAS Quonset Point, RI where he participated in fabricating and erecting the first Quonset huts which became common to all service branches.
Apart from the Lustron House, non architectural popular housing including important developments such as the mail order houses of the 1920s, the Quonset Huts of the 1940s, and the ubiquitous balloon frame is represented in the exhibition only by easy-tomiss, passing references.