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Noun1.R-2 - street names for flunitrazepan
flunitrazepan, Rohypnol - a depressant and tranquilizer (trade name Rohypnol) often used in the commission of sexual assault; legally available in Europe and Mexico and Colombia
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Tenders are invited for O&M of Water Works R-1 & R-2 Sites for one year in Phase-IV at IMT, Bawal.
23 December 2011 - DBRS on Thursday rated the deposits and senior debt of Canadian commercial bank Home Trust Company at BBB (high) and its short-term instruments at R-2 (high).
Both families bought their single-family homes but were unaware that the properties were on blocks that were zoned R-2, with apartment construction allowed.
of Lancaster has been awarded a $139,125 contract to pave the unpaved portions of Avenue R-2, Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D.
Goodyear Farm Tires, a Titan Tire Corporation brand, has introduced the Goodyear([R]) Special Sure Grip TD-8 Radial R-2 480/80R50 tires to address the specific needs of the rice and cane markets.
Cit, Tds, R-2, 4Th Florr, Hmt Bhavan, Bellary Road, Ganganagar, Bengaluru
20 December 2011 - DBRS on Monday affirmed the medium-term notes rating of Manitoba Telecom Services Inc (TSE:MBT), or MTS, at BBB and the Canadian communication solutions group's commercial paper rating at R-2 (high).
Cit, Tds, R-2,4Th Floor, Hmt Bhavan, Bellary Road, Ganganagar, Bengaluru-32
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 2, 2011--DBRS lowers Safeway's CP to R-2 (middle)(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 2, 2011--DBRS lowers Safeway's CP to R-2 (middle)(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Polaris Geothermal"), (TSX VENTURE:GEO) an emerging geothermal power producer, announced today that its has received preliminary results from a recently completed geophysical program on its R-1 and R-2 geothermal resources on the San Jacinto - Tizate concession in Nicaragua.