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Noun1.R-2 - street names for flunitrazepan
flunitrazepan, Rohypnol - a depressant and tranquilizer (trade name Rohypnol) often used in the commission of sexual assault; legally available in Europe and Mexico and Colombia
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The property at 902 Vinewood Lane, just off Boyton Street, is zoned R-2, which allows for multiple-unit residences.
It is to be noted that the notation [w.sub.x] in all figures of this paper represents the set of twiddle factor associated with the butterfly input defined by [[w.sub.0], ..., [W.sub.(r-2)]] = diag ([w.sup.p.sub.N], [w.sup.2p.sub.N], ..., [w.sup.(r-1)p.sub.N]).
The largest, totaling 9.43 acres, is zoned as public land but is designated for medium-density residential use (R-2) in the city's metropolitan plan, the community's growth guide.
23 December 2011 - DBRS on Thursday rated the deposits and senior debt of Canadian commercial bank Home Trust Company at BBB (high) and its short-term instruments at R-2 (high).
2) MRC 5832/014 Q-1 3) Attached Operable 4) MRC 5832/014 R-2 NOT Being Performed on all Sterns MK1 Life Jackets: Lack of documentation for completed PMS and shelf life of batteries and chemical pill actuated type auto inflators.
20 December 2011 - DBRS on Monday affirmed the medium-term notes rating of Manitoba Telecom Services Inc (TSE:MBT), or MTS, at BBB and the Canadian communication solutions group's commercial paper rating at R-2 (high).
Both families bought their single-family homes but were unaware that the properties were on blocks that were zoned R-2, with apartment construction allowed.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 2, 2011--DBRS lowers Safeway's CP to R-2 (middle)(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 2, 2011--DBRS lowers Safeway's CP to R-2 (middle)(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com