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(ˈɑrˌdrɒp ɪŋ)

the omission of the sound (r) for orthographic r after a vowel in the same syllable.
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"I just wanted to be a part of it and I'm thankful for the opportunity,'' said DeGuglielmo, who retained his R-dropping Boston accent during his stops up and down the East Coast.
Although Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine took issue with such "Cockney rhymes" in 1818, scholar Lynda Mugglestone terms R-dropping the "then-current educated usage." Crain observes that Keats had a keen appreciation of dialect, and adds that he was "probably too gifted a linguist to have been saddled long with an accent that embarrassed him."
The substitution of /d/ for /th/ has long been considered particularly plebeian, and even r-dropping, once a hallmark of cultivated New York speech (remember FDR?), has become rather declasse.
It is inconvenient that there is no systematic list of these variables; one must comb the index for the a in fast (chs 2, 4, and 5), r-dropping (ch.
H-dropping ('umble), 'g-dropping' (runnin'), and even 'r-dropping', were criticized on the grounds that 'the most elegant speakers .
But its pronunciation is still strange to most R-dropping residents of Central Massachusetts.