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n.1.A rod or stick used by masons in mixing hair with mortar.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Comparative Analysis of Glycosylation Patterns in Biosimilar rAbs. Samples of biosimilar rAbs were obtained from either transiently transfected cells or a stably transfected cell line and referred to as biosimilar rAb A and B, respectively, for clarification purposes.
Changes in manufacturing process conditions for biologics, such as process optimization, scale-up production, and site changes, may impact glycosylation patterns of the resulting recombinant antibody (rAb) [5, 6].
The main differences between RABS and isolator systems in regard to energy consumption consist in the smaller cleanroom space and the classification of the surrounding cleanroom.
Depending on the individual parameters, the energy consumption of active RABS can be approximately one third lower than for passive RABS.
Two solutions have emerged since the mid-1990s: the isolator and RABS.
From the mid 90s until the nearby past far fewer filling lines were equipped with RABS. In contrast to isolators, the physical barriers with RABS are somewhat limited.
In 62 minutes a goal-line clearance by Rabs skipper McDonald denied Scott McCulloch and the visitors sealed victory in 79 minutes.
A flurry of late action almost brought a consolation for Newtongrange who hit the post following a penalty box scramble but Rabs held out.
Jack potted his second penalty but eight-man Rabs hit back through Brian Pollok and Chris Zok.
"Big Rab over the years has played a big part at this club and I don't want anyone tainting that.
Motility assays were performed with GST-Rab-GDI to determine whether Rab GTPases are involved in vesicle transport in the squid giant axon.
And Joe Murray reckons Rab is either a Rangers fan (apparently he's been known to sing Simply The Vest) or a Greenock Morton supporter (because he looks like one)...