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rear admiral (upper half)


or RADM,

rear admiral.
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At the parade, RADM Lai reviewed a Guard of Honour contingent and five marching contingents formed by the various RSN formations, against a background of RSN ships and static displays.
Prior to joining the Office of the Surgeon General, RADM Sylvia Trent-Adams was the Deputy Associate Administrator for the HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).
RADM Kilrain's Male visit to the Maldives National Defence Force coincided with the organization's 124th anniversary.
RADM Wally Dowd, Command of NAVSUP, recognized CDR Squibb's aviation background, appointed him assistant inspector general in February 1974, and sent him to inspect air stations around the world.
Bowes, Commander, NAVAIR and RADM Don Eaton, Assistant Commander for Fleet Support in NAVAIR.
Prior to his position as OSG Chief of Staff, RADM Young served as Chief, Commissioned Corps Management and Policy Staff, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) from March 1989 to September 1992.
Researchers "are already using RADM for climate-change applications on a regional scale," Malanchuk says, and the EPA will probably use the model to gauge effects of pollution controls.
Hosted by RADM Lai, the other FPDA Naval Chiefs are in Singapore this week for the RSNs Golden Jubilee celebrations, attending both the Singapore International Maritime Review and IMDEX Asia.
Opening day featured speakers MG Roger Mathews and RADM Mark Buzby who joined Forces after lunch in the professional session "Mentoring--A Joint Junior/Senior Mentor Dialogue.
RADM Fisher said the goal is for there to be "communications from anywhere to anywhere in an orderly manner.
On 6 April 1999, RADM David Keller, then Commander of the Defense Logistics Support Command, reviewed and accepted the proposal for retaining DLA stock in anticipation of sales to future FMS customers.