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1. reflection.
2. reflective.
3. reflex.
4. reflexive.
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REFL person.DAT.PL PERS.2ND.SG poste se fast.PART.PRES.NOM.SG REFL 'not to seem fasting to people' b.
Based on Muysken (2009: 80) EQ Other Quechuan Person/number - verbal.1 no clusivity clusivity - verbal.2 no portmanteaus some portmanteaus - nominal none (e/Pastaza) suffixal PSR Voice - BEN applicative valency-neutral valency-relevant loss of -pu Subordination - Adverbial clauses SR (no person) SR (DS w/person) - Purpose clauses SR (no person) NMLZ+ACC (6) TAME - PQ *-yku (lost) DYN/DIRCT - PQ *-yka (lost) DUR - PQ *-ku DUR MPASS - PQ *-ri REFL INCH Table 2.
The biannual survey refl ects the insights of more than 1,000 CFOs and other senior financial executives across the United States.
The partners have managed to source many exclusive new products that refl ect the diversity and styles of what customersnow want and on show they will be able to see many unique sandstone and gritstone fireplaces, reclaimed oak fire surrounds with matching mirrors, distressed brick and old oak beam styles and a large portfolio of natural stone and slate products that compliment stove installations.
Tichy at Klet (0.57m f/5.2 refl.) on Feb 10 showed the object to be diffuse with a 9" coma and a faint 15" tail in p.a.
"In addition, interior designs and surfaces refl ectivities are commonly chosen without daylighting in mind."