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n. pl. re·los Informal
1. Relocation.
2. One that is relocated, especially a person who has been relocated for purposes of employment.
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He thanked RELO for its cooperation in launching these projects and showing its intention of undertaking similar projects for the students of Gilgit Baltistan and other far flung areas of the country.
"Our English-language programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have created opportunities for the first-ever interactions between American trainers and rural Saudi educators," said Scott Chiverton, the RELO in Bahrain.
Employers pay high five figures for good relo packages, according to the relocation industry's membership organization: Worldwide ERC -- The Workforce Mobility Association (
The research and exclusive license option (RELO) agreement for RX-3117 between both the parties has now been terminated for strategic reasons.
RELO partnered with the American Corner at the Isa Cultural Centre in Juffair to organise the event.
Platinum Properties executive vice president Daniel Hedaya also attested to the up-tick in relo business.
Young and middle-aged families at the fair, all with kids, all into sports, all with spacious late-model houses and late-model SUV's, were calling themselves Relos. "Relo" was a noun, a verb, and adjective.
The Relo workforce, meanwhile, has accepted their employers' message.
Of the companies' American Relos, most made their first move from home to state universities, mainly those of Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Illinois.
Each contract provided that the taxpayer would reimburse the relo for its costs and, further, that the taxpayer would pay fees to the relo for services rendered.
The project was funded by Regional English Language Office (RELO), Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy.