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rest (center) equivalent to the duration of an eighth note

rest 1

a. A period of inactivity, relaxation, or sleep: The hikers stopped for a rest.
b. Sleep or the refreshment resulting from inactivity or sleep: Get plenty of rest before the race.
c. The repose of death: eternal rest.
d. Mental or emotional calm: The news put my mind at rest.
2. The state of being motionless; the absence of motion: The car accelerates quickly from a state of rest.
3. The condition of being settled or resolved: a remark that put the matter to rest.
4. Music
a. An interval of silence corresponding to one of the possible time values within a measure.
b. The mark or symbol indicating such a pause and its length.
5. A short pause in a line of poetry; a caesura.
6. A device used as a support: a back rest.
7. Games See bridge1.
v. rest·ed, rest·ing, rests
a. To cease motion, work, or activity, especially in order to become refreshed: The laborers rested in the shade.
b. To lie down and sleep: rested for an hour on the couch.
a. To be in or come to a motionless state: The can rolled along, finally resting when it hit the curb.
b. To be located or be in a specified place: The manuscript rests in the museum.
c. To be fixed or directed on something: His gaze rested on the necklace.
d. To be unchanged or unresolved: After arguing for an hour, we let the matter rest.
a. To be supported or based; lie, lean, or sit: The ladder rests firmly against the tree.
b. To be imposed or vested, as a responsibility or burden: The final decision rests with the chairperson.
c. To depend or rely: That argument rests on a false assumption.
4. Law To complete the main presentation of one's portion of a legal case: The defense rests.
1. To cause or allow to be inactive or relaxed so as to regain energy: The coach rested his best players. I rested my eyes before studying.
2. To place, lay, or lean, as for support or repose: rested the rake against the fence.
3. To base or ground: I rested my conclusion on that fact.
4. To fix or direct (the gaze, for example).
5. Law To complete the main presentation of (one's portion of a case): The prosecutor was not ready to rest her case.
at rest
a. Asleep.
b. Dead.
2. Motionless; inactive.
3. Free from anxiety or distress.
lay/put to rest
1. To bury (a dead body); inter.
2. To resolve or settle (an issue, for example): The judge's ruling put to rest the dispute between the neighbors.

[Middle English, from Old English.]

rest′er n.

rest 2

1. The part that is left over after something has been removed; remainder.
2. That or those remaining: The beginning was boring, but the rest was interesting. The rest are arriving later.
intr.v. rest·ed, rest·ing, rests
1. To be or continue to be; remain: Rest assured that we will finish on time.
2. To remain or be left over.

[Middle English, from Old French reste, from rester, to remain, from Latin restāre, to stay behind : re-, re- + stāre, to stand; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

rest 3

A support for a lance on the side of the breastplate of medieval armor.

[Middle English reste, short for areste, a stopping, holding, from Old French, from arester, to stop; see arrest.]
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Noun1.rester - a person who rests
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
sleeper, slumberer - a rester who is sleeping
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Di Resta knows he could and should have achieved more in Montreal and Valencia, only to finish 11th and seventh respectively in his Force India.
That would appear to rule out Di Resta's hopes of jumping into the seat for 2012, and so increasing the likelihood of another season with Force India.
According to reports, both Sutil and Di Resta gained a place each in the opening lap itself by overtaking the two Renault drivers to make a strong start.
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In contrast to the previous two raceweekend Saturdays in Monaco and Canada, where Di Resta qualified 17th following mistakes made by the team and he vented his anger, the 26-year-old was remarkably calm at Silverstone.
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