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For the two classes, the required tests for static and dynamic conditions, as well as the acceptable limits that can be reached in the estimation of amplitude, phase angle, frequency, and ROCOF are defined in the standard.
The design of the cycle time has two purposes: (1) minimizing the total amount of the disturbance; (2) making sure that the absolute value of the ROCOF is constant in the triangular parts of the disturbance when islanding occurs.
ROCOF = w(t) = [lambda] * [beta] * [t.sup.[beta]-1] (4)
The DSE7500 includes all of the features of the DSE3110 and DSE7000 Series plus multiple gen-set synchronization, single or multiple gen-set paralleling with single or multiple utility supplies, peak lopping and peak shaving, ROCOF and vector shift, and speed and voltage adjustment.