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n.1.See Roust.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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PASSING (comp.-att.-yds.-int.): B: Roste 15-20-219-1.
Roste et al., "A quasi-deterministic path loss propagation model for the open sea environment," in Proceedings of the IEEE 14th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC '11), pp.
"Mannen som skal skaffe mer kapital" (The man who is to procure more capital), interview with Jade Bergo by Per Roste. Aftenposten, 11 November 1988
An Answere, consequently, ridicules Smyth's self-description as empty pomposity: What wyse man wolde not laugh for to here you bragge and boste Of your name, your seruyce, of your offyce and all this gere As though ye were prymrose perelesse, and a ruler of the roste. (verso)
Puis les li roste, et puis ressaie con li siet bien robe de saie, cendauz, melequins, hatebis, indes, vermeuz, jaunes e bis, samiz, diapres, kameloz.
The meat was then wrapped in bacon and served in a red wine sauce on a potato roste.Delicious.
Or in the more vividly conceived terms of Stephen Gosson, theatrical sensations by "the privie entries of the eare slip downe into the hart, and with gunshotte of affection gaule the minde, where reason and vertue shoulde rule the roste" (Schoole of Abuse, 1579 [sig.
8 Roste befe Mesis minc pyes 2 in a Dish for ye Rost turky and Cappon in a Dish hall A dish of orenges and Lemons toung and udder and sase Rost goose Custord
North Central didn't have an answer for Bethel University freshman quarterback Jaran Roste during Saturday afternoon's NCAA Division III second-round football playoff game.
These adverse effects of VPA treatment include reductions of sperm concentration and seminiferous tubule diameters (Khan et al., 2011; Bairy et al.; Krogenase et al., 2008; Svenberg Roste et al., 2002; Nishimura et al.
Naopak znamenko--znaci, ze pokud prvni promenna roste, spoj zpusobi pokles na prom nne s ni spojene.
Zatimco ekonomiky malo vyspele jsou pouze prijemci PZI, s rostouci ekonomickou urovni roste i schopnost ekonomiky vyvazet kapital.