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Noun1.RUF - a terrorist group formed in the 1980s in Sierra Leone; seeks to overthrow the government and gain control of the diamond producing regions; responsible for attacks on civilians and children, widespread torture and murder and using children to commit atrocities; sponsored by the president of Liberia
act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act - the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear
Republic of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone - a republic in West Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1961
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Label owner Thomas Ruf has signed many talented singers and musicians over the years, including the likes of Walter Trout, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Mike Zito, Jeff Healey, Savoy Brown and Samantha Fish.
The Manchester-based original tropical cyberpunk boasts his own monthly NTS show, runs the highly collectible Ruf Kutz imprint and co-owns Manchester's newest and weirdest appointment-only record shop, Hi-Tackle, a paradise of vinyl gems and computer games.
RuF had helped achieve over 16 per cent decline in terrorist attacks in the country during 2017 as compared to the previous year, according to figures compiled by the Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies (Pips).
An unknown group calling itself the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) claimed responsibility for the attacks and affirmed15 its determination to "save Sierra Leone from its corrupt background and oppressive regime".
A plunge in metabolic rate for more than 24 hours counts as hibernation, Ruf says.
We performed a retrospective review of all patients referred to a single surgeon with complex RUF between July 2009 and November 2013.
Thomas Ruf and Walter Arnold of the Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, investigated these cyclic fluctuations in human cells.
In Baltimore, a program called Reading Unites Families (RUF) supports children of incarcerated parents and encourages inmate fathers to celebrate family relationships in a literacy-based environment.
Currently the United Nations (UN), International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), and donor agencies have increased their promotion of Ready to Use Foods (RUF) - both therapeutic and supplementary- in resource poor settings (mainly in Africa and parts of Asia) for the prevention of undernutrition [1].
This was a period marked in parts of West Africa by fighting over conflict diamonds, also known as blood diamonds, when government soldiers discovered how lucrative it could be to serve as "soldiers by day, rebels by night" or, as the villagers called them, "sobels." On closer examination, it can be observed that the relationship between the soldiers of the Sierra Leonean Army and the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), the rebel group which during the country's civil war occupied large portions of diamond-rich land, changed over time, thus making the sobel phenomenon more like the sobel phenomena.
Lister has 11 albums, plus a Blues Caravan outing with others, to his name, most of which are on the Ruf Records imprint, after he, like both Schofield and McBride, paid his dues in teenage bands.
In 2011, Odyssey House introduced a free, voluntary wellness program called "R U Fit?!"(RUF) to encourage staff to improve their overall health and fitness.