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n, adj, pl Russ or Russes
1. (Peoples) an archaic word for Russian
2. (Languages) an archaic word for Russian


abbreviation for
(Automotive Engineering) Russia (international car registration)



n., adj.
Archaic. Russian.
[1565–75; ultimately < Old Russian Rusĭ the East Slavic–speaking lands and peoples]


or Russ,

1. Russia.
2. Russian.
References in classic literature ?
They talk much of the Russ pavement in New York, and call it a new invention--yet here they have been using it in this remote little isle of the sea for two hundred years
Could he but feel the throat of the Russ fiend beneath his steel fingers!
Still smiling, the lad crossed the room and stood before the Russ.
It proved a momentous night for Martin, for after dinner he met Russ Brissenden.
Bella, who shot to fame alongside Russ in the 1980s playing Blunderwoman to his hapless superhero Cooperman on The Russ Abbot Show, died on Friday aged 80.
After 30 years at the helm of a major franchise company, Russ has invaluable insights into business that today's generation of leaders and those aspiring to his kind of success should take heed of.
A sign for Russ & Daughters at The Jewish Museum in New York City.
For 30 years, Russ Tutterow was the artistic director of Chicago Dramatists, a theatre that is small only in size, for its reach is expansive, and it is an institution devoted to giving writers a safe space for creating new plays.
It is the first big role for Russ, 66, since he appeared in Last of the Summer Wine in 2008.
As far as lox provisions go, you lose having to deal with crowds and the subway--but you also lose interacting with members of the storied Russ family, who founded Russ & Daughters on the Lower East Side.
Russ, from Seattle, had a bit of a panic after his dog ATE his four tickets to today's practice.
Russ has now penned a book about Ali's visit to Newcastle 35 years ago, during the Queen's Silver Jubilee.