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n.1.A rod or stick used by masons in mixing hair with mortar.
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Although the RAB will, of course, be working hard to secure a mutually satisfactory agreement before the April 20 deadline, another strike remains a possibility.
The FTS's latest orders propose rates of return for MRSKs, which are due to introduce RAB from 1 Jan 2011, as well as for the fourth and fifth years of RAB regulation for FSK and the MRSK regional branches that adopted RAB in 2009 or 2010.
What this means for the industry is that the strike planning and preparation that we usually encourage the industry to undertake in November and December, must be accomplished in September," RAB president James E Berg said.
Friedlander has also held roles at Group M and OMD , and comes to the RAB with a comprehensive background in marketplace analytics and media investment, along with a media planning/buying and advertising agency acumen.
The samples from RAB hole numbers 24 to 32, which includes drilling at the Shadow and Stewart targets on the QV Property, are currently in the lab and results will be reported in the future once received and interpreted.
For the first time in May this year the RAB was forced to admit that some of its personnel were implicated in enforced disappearances.
The High Court, acting on its own motion, directed that any investigation into the killings be conducted by a specially constituted body independent of the security forces, and issued an arrest warrant against three RAB officers to be tried before civilian courts.
Acting Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has ordered that the deadline for the revision of electricity grids' RAB regulation parameters be postponed from 1 July to 1 Nov 2012, Kommersant reported today (17 May).
Following a period of poor trading, the board of RAB Capital has started a review of the business and concluded that third party assets under management will decrease making it difficult for the company to survive as a public entity, RAB Capital said in a press release.
RAB operatives, dressed in black and wearing bandanas, are a familiar sight on Bangladesh's teeming urban streets.
Her comments coincided with an Amnesty International statement asking RAB to stop extra judicial killing and urging British government to raise concerns before Shaikh Hasina about reports of "torture, extrajudicial executions, and excessive use of force" by the elite anti-crime troops, comprising police, army, navy and air force personnel.